About Pyropixel Designs

Pyropixel Defined

Pyro is short for pyromaniac, defined by Webster as "a compulsion to set things on fire."

We at Pyropixel Designs set things on fire. We get things done and when they're done, they are hott! Our number one goal is to completely satisfy the customer. A flame is a natural element, vital to survival. Fire purifies and perfects the things with which it comes into contact. Another goal is to perfect our designs and creations. Striving to redefine new media pixel by pixel, we continually press to stand above the rest.

History of Pyropixel Designs

The concept of the pyropixel name came about in August of 2004 when the founder had been browsing a design forum and thought of the name. He loved the idea of a fiery mascot/logo and at the time had been doing a lot of pixel work. Although there had been design experience before August 2004, the name stuck and he registered the domain name.

Originally the web site was a design portfolio to some extent for the web hosting designs that had been completed. However, approximately 40 Adobe Photoshop tutorials were added to the site which helped generate some stable traffic and regular visitors. At that time, the entire site was entered into an International Student Media Festival where it won best of category (website) and best of festival (overall) in 2006. It won additional awards in 2007 as well.

In early 2008, Pyropixel started to redesign the portfolio side of things to encompass a more web 2.0 look. Although it was simple and plain, version 3 didn't last for very long because in the late spring of 2008, Pyropixel strove for a more professional appeal. The final product, version 4 of the site, was the inspiration for the site you view today.

Pyropixel Enterprises went under some delays during the 2008-2009 school year as the owner focused his efforts on academics. However, starting in the summer 2009, he designed and prepared version 5 of the site. The over all goals of Pyropixel changed to focus more on design work and web site development. Social network accounts were created and the founder started a much more vigorous effort in seeking design work and attaining customer satisfaction. Welcome to Pyropixel Designs Version 5.0. Be prepared to watch Pyropixel grow rapidly!